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Since its establishment in 1927, The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel (SPCA Israel) has been working for the prevention of cruelty and suffering in animals and the promotion of their rights and welfare 
Come and adopt your new best friend!  
Dozens of abandoned cats and dogs, of all ages, pure breeds and mixed breeds, are waiting at out shelter for people to take them into their homes and their hearts 
The wide range of activities carried out by the SPCA over so many years is made possible thanks to donations, large and small.  
Goals and Policies  
SPCA Israel works for the welfare of animals, for the promotion of their rights and prevention of cruelty and suffering. – The doors of the SPCA are open at all times to any animal in need of shelter and protection. – The Society aims to find a warm and loving home for animals brought to the shelter, while assuring the animal is suitable for its potential owner and underscoring the responsibility and commitment involved in raising it. – The Society advocates a policy of neutering and spaying, encourages the public to neuter and spay their pets and promotes the issue by initiating laws. All the dogs and cats are given to their new owners only after they have been spayed or neutered in exchange for a donation, and this is to aid in reducing uncontrolled propagation and the resulting suffering of abandoned and stray animals – SPCA facilities fulfill the standards required and recommended by professionals and academics in the field. – SPCA is partner to the struggles against the mistreatment and abuse of animals. – SPCA promotes its causes by circulating its message of love for animals and animal welfare from various platforms and manages the Humane Education Department that centers on the education of the younger generation. 
Our deepest appreciation and esteem for their generosity and kindheartedness goes to those who have donated, as well as to the dedicated volunteers, who are our partners on our chosen path. 

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