coins for charity

My name is Gosh. I am learning to create cartoons. 

I have been doing this for 2 years in the group, here:
My dream is to create a series of cartoons about the protection of nature. Kids love to watch cartoons.
There will be main characters - a boy and a girl. The boy will offend nature, and the girl will take care. So children clearly understand what is bad and what is good. 
The first series will be about the New Year - the boy will go into the forest with an ax to cut down the Christmas tree for the New Year. The girl to negotiate with the forest animals for help to save the Christmas tree. The boy will not be able to cut down the Christmas tree. At the end of the series, the boy will understand that it is bad to cut a live tree for fun.
There will be series аbout:
- caring for a pet
- about helping homeless animals
- about gardening the yard in which children live and many many other ideas!
I have a lot of ideas to realize them, I need equipment (a laptop, a camera, a light device) consumables and Helpico. First, I need 2000 Helpico for the equipment. 

Helpico address