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The Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve is a 100 km2 territory that protects and maintains the ecological integrity of a representative sample of the Eastern St. Lawrence Lowlands.  
Home to the largest concentration of monoliths in Canada.  
The Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve is located beyond the 50th parallel, along the North Shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It protects 30 limestone islands as well as more than 1 000 granitic islands and islets. These islands, only accessible by boat, are found along the coast between Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan and Aguanish. It is a diversified archipelago full of treasures to discover and of richness to preserve!  
Learn more about the difficulties with navigation around the archipelago on île aux Perroquets and watch various sea birds like the colourful Atlantic Puffin. Experience a complete change of scenery on île Nue de Mingan. Hear seal howls on Grande Île and discover two large monolith sites named The Zoo and The Castle. Do not miss Petite île au Marteau where the lighthouse station buildings have a rich regional cultural history and where you can observe common eiders.  
Just by showing up, every single visitor helps contribute to the conservation process for generations to come. It’s a circle of love; connecting with nature makes us healthier and happier and the more time we spend outdoors, the more we want to protect and preserve our natural spaces.  
Parks Canada's goal is to allow people to enjoy national parks as special places without damaging their integrity. Conserving and restoring ecological integrity is our first priority in park management.

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