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Head of the Bagira Foundation - Saida Otyrba:  
"My answer to the eternal question: "Why do you help dogs / animals, not people / children / old people?".  
I will answer you: when you sit in a cramped, dark cell in a heap of your own feces, not seeing daylight, when you will be deprived of water and food, when you are tested for medicines, when you are alive you will be skinned when you are wandering dumps, having only your own skin and hair to keep warm, when you will be forced to perform tricks for the fun of the public, when you will be fertilized to sell your children, when you will be cruelly bullied, when you will be hunted, when you will be bred meat to When the date of your slumbering hangs on the door of your cage due to the overcrowding of your temporary place of stay - THEN I and my associates WILL BE SAVED AND YOU! "

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