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Our mission is to simply provide a safe and interesting  
environment for all birds who find their way to Zazu’s House.  
At Zazu’s House we are a charitable organization. We are not a breeding facility. Each bird is a unique individual - their personalities are as varied as their plumage. Our large, heated facility is both a sanctuary and a social club for our flock. We do not sell birds, nor do we purchase them.  
We want to give each bird their own little paradise. No entertaining or performing on command. We offer the choice to live cage free, and the chance to fly.  
Our passion is to allow them to be the unique and magnificent creatures that they are. To let them be themselves and explore in a safe environment.  
We believe Macaws are best with other macaws.  
Zazu’s House is operated as a non-profit shelter to large parrots.  
All workers are volunteers that love to be around birds.  
We are always in need for new voluteers or for donations to help feed and care for the birds. 

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