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Ecological and cultural educational institution "Center for the Ethical Attitude Towards Nature" - a non-profit non-governmental organization, which has been officially registered in Minsk, Republic of Belarus in 2015.  
The main purpose of the organization: to popularize the idea of the ethical attitude towards animals and nature in general, which are based on respect and compassion for all living beings on the Earth as well as responsibility for our own actions in the world.  
The Center has 2 main areas of activity: at first, enlightenment and education in the fields of environmental ethics and bioethics; secondly, promotion of alternatives to animal experiments implementation to education.  
Center for the Ethical Attitude Towards Nature is a nonprofit organization, so its planned funding sources - voluntary donations and grants. 
Our Center does not receive funding from the state and foreign funds. We carry out all our actions at our own expense or at the expense of those private donations that we manage to collect.  
If you want not in words but in deed to help ensure that the work of our Center is even more intense and successful, support our activities financially :  
1) for current expenses (payment of legal address, mailbox, stationery, transportation costs, publication of our page in the newspaper "Friends of Animals", etc.)  
2) for the implementation of projects in such areas as:  
- conducting classes in schools, kindergartens;  
- organization of conferences, seminars, trainings;  
- publication of literature on animal rights, an ethical attitude to nature;  
- holding competitions, promotions, mass events;  
- development of humane alternatives to animal experiments in education;  
- distribution of advertising aimed at educating the public;  
- and many others others 

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