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Good day!
I, Guseva Lydia, a member of the international creative Association of children's authors, as well as a member of the Russian Union of Writers. Winner of many literary competitions, including "Golden Feather of Russia-2010", "Magic word", "Russian style", etc. 
Four author books have been published, a lot of works have been included in joint collections, but many tales and stories have not yet been published.
The aim of the project is to publish an illustrated children's book with stories and fairy tales about nature. 
I write all the fairy tales with great love and hope, believing that they will be useful to people, that they can help any boy or girl with good advice at any time, will become some kind of behavior guide; will help find a way out of the most confusing situation, or just laugh and give a sunny mood. And new books are new meetings and new wonders! 
Thank you all in advance, your Lydia Guseva.

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