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One of the few in the country and the only one in Veliky Novgorod the center of rehabilitation of feathered predators. In addition to the treatment of birds, we are engaged in their training and staging of flight programs, demonstration of falconry, participate in city festivals and various festivals.  
Conservation of nature is what a person at the highest level must do. 
Without you, without your assistance, support and complicity in the common cause of saving the birds of prey, which were mostly affected by human hands, we cannot survive.  
Your help may be as follows:  
- become the guardian of one or more birds.  
A guardian can be any natural or legal person. The role of guardianship is that you choose a bird and provide its maintenance, feeding and treatment in our rehabilitation center, in turn, you have constant access to the bird and in general to the whole exposition, as well as any of your ads will be placed with us and available to be viewed by many people.  
This is an opportunity to become a savior for one small, but proud creature.  
Let's fix the bugs together! 

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