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This group is created for those who want to keep our planet green and blooming. We are for the rational use of resources!  
People began to realize and feel the consequences of mindless consumption of resources for nature and, accordingly, for the people themselves.  
In this huge garbage can live to you, your children, your friends and relatives. And they all may face environmental problems on a global scale in the near future! This is the reality of tomorrow.  
What can I change? More than you think! Already, you can start with yourself, with a change in your lifestyle in the direction of "green". What is the "green lifestyle"? This is a way of life that makes it possible to reduce the influence of a person on the environment due to conscious behavior - respect for nature and resources.  
Campaign “VtorSbor” - every last Saturday of the month we receive raw materials from the population for processing. Plastic, glass, metal, tetrapack. Meeting 12: 00-14: 00 at the Round Tower. We are waiting for volunteers and autotransons!  

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