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The project was created to solve the problem of finding stray cats in the technical premises of apartment buildings. As well as combining the efforts of the owners of the premises, zoovolonters, housing maintenance services and authorities in implementing the requirements of the Government of St. Petersburg for legal residence of cats. 
The project is being implemented with the support of the National Association of Organizations for Helping Animals "We Are Together". 
Association "We are together" is an officially registered public organization, which includes large shelters of St. Petersburg. The association and shelters are engaged in systematic work to regulate the number of stray animals. Chairman of the Association Sheina T.A. He is a member of the Public Council under the Government of the St. Petersburg Family Animal Relations Association.  
The caretaker of court cats is engaged in supervision, feeding, guarding, treatment, regulation of the number of cats living "at the court" of the usual urban apartment building.  
Every day, keepers in the rain and in the snow go along their route to check and feed their pets, and fear that they will not see anyone anymore. Because Every day there is an undeclared war against the court cats. And only the caretaker stands between their life and death.  
Of course, it is better that each cat has a master. And the caretaker directs his own forces and his team so that the cats do not breed, so that the infections do not spread, that the inhabitants of the house and the court cats do not interfere with each other.  

1. We will assist in the preparation of documents for the maintenance of cats in the basement.  
2. It is important for us to establish contact with all those concerned with the problem of the survival of stray cats in order to work with them in every district of St. Petersburg.
We care about your help in establishing contact with the cat-lovers who do not own a computer to help in their yards.  
3. We are ready to organize and coordinate mass trapping of cats for the purpose of sterilization, to provide the resources we have: catcher, equipment, preferential operations.  
4. We collect data on all appeals and responses to the prosecutor's office and the authorities, and ask to share such information. 

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