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The charity foundation "Zoolife" provides all possible assistance to animal curators and homeless animals who find themselves on the street and are in difficult life situations.  
About 200 dogs and cats are under the supervision of the Foundation.  
We are the animal charity organization "Zoolife" - an association of people who believe that we have the power to help defenseless animals. 
Organization "Zoolife" was registered as a legal entity in 2015. Thanks to our efforts and the efforts of our supporters, many dogs and cats were rescued, sterilized, and found a new home.  
Today, only by uniting and acquiring the status of a legal entity, we will be able to achieve better results and more effectively help those who need help.  
We equally love those animals who have their own home, and those who do not have a home yet. Our task is to ensure that those who have a home - never lose it, and those who do not have a home - find it. 
They need our help, help us help them! 

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