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Scientific Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of South Africa's 5 Primate Species  
Rehabilitation refers to the ecological restoration of orphaned, endemic to South Africa, primate infant/s and/or domesticated pet/s and/or the healing of injured primates to a state of self support in the shortest possible time, and the successful return to its native habitat, of groups or individuals with a short-term disability or long-term rehabilitation. Successful release of wildlife means the animal must be able to function as a wild animal in its natural habitat. This includes the ability to recognize and find appropriate foods, socialize and reproduce with members of its own species, and exhibit normal behaviours such as fear of humans and predator avoidance.  
Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre specializes in rehabilitating and reintroducing Primates, but we also take in other various South African wildlife, from mammals to birds to reptiles.  
The cost of propern care and maintenance of a rehabilitation centre is astronomical. Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is not government funded and depends on the volunteer program's  

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