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The nature of Konevets Island is perfectly preserved due to the relative remoteness of this place, the privacy of monastic life and the closeness of the island as a military object. Konevets Island may well rely on the status of a protected area. Gray lizards, frogs, toads, small rodents, hares, squirrels, foxes are found on the island. Wolves can only appear in winter, sometimes they reach the island by ice. There are muskrats. There are many migratory birds, gulls on the island. A unique feature of Konevets is the complete absence of snakes on the island, both vipers and simple snakes. Konevets is the only island in Lake Ladoga where no snakes are found! A remarkable place is the horse stone. The horse-stone is a huge boulder of gray granite with streaks of quartz measuring 9 by 6 and a height of just over 4 meters. This is the only stone on Konevets of such large sizes, its weight is more than 750 tons. Boulder is an ancient monument of popular superstition. Many years ago, the stone served as a place of pagan rituals.  
Over the 600 years of existence, Konevsky Island has undergone destruction and devastation. Twice, in the 16th and 17th centuries, the monastery was ravaged by the Swedes. He suffered during the Soviet-Finnish (Winter) and the Great Patriotic War. From 1945 to 1991, a naval unit and a testing ground were located on the island’s territory. Monastic buildings were used for other purposes. And the nature of the island was simply destroyed. Only in 1991, the Konevsky monastery was returned to the St. Petersburg diocese. The island began to recover. Lindens, maples, oaks, firs, cedar pines, balsamic poplar, chestnuts, lilacs, yellow acacia, gooseberries, currants, plums, cherries, and apple trees were planted in different parts of the island. In the space between the rows of trees there are powerful instances of oak, and at the intersection of the tracks the monks once built from the bizarre form of stones a kind of alpine slide, now overgrown with rose bushes.  
Now the monastery is gradually beginning to recover. In its restoration, the monastery needs our help.  
In summer, pilgrims and workers are invited to the island. Reception of pilgrims and workers on the island is provided by the Pilgrimage Service of the Konevsky Monastery.  

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