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I'm Pauline theater director. I want to stage a series of educational performances on environmental issues for children 6-10 years.
This is the age when the child already understands what is good and what is bad.
In the interactive form of a game, the audience together with the actors will solve the main global environmental problems. These include: the destruction of forests, the destruction of the ozone layer, the contamination of water and air, the reducing species diversity of animals and plants, the loss of acid rain.
In the story, viewers will be residents of a fabulous country. And evil sorcerers will destroy the beautiful world of childhood. They will kidnap the forest, destroy the ozone layer ... will destroy the animals. The viewers with the help of scientists will look for ways to correct the mistakes of big sorcerers.
I believe that it is better to instill in the child a love of nature in childhood. Then will grow the right sorcerers ;-)
Costs for bringing my idea to life:
- writing the play script;
- selection of actors, rehearsals, salary of actors;
- tailoring of costumes, purchase of props, scenery;
- theater rental for rehearsals and performances;
- advertising and invitation for students to visit the play for free.

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