coins for charity

Aim to Stop Breeding!  
Welcome to anyone who needs help and who is ready to provide it!  
Here is the collection of money to the accounts of veterinarians of our city for the sterilization of both your and homeless animals. If you are against shooting and bullying, go to the Vatsap group to track the finances that come in to help animals. Using our actions as an example, create your own small groups in the courtyards of your districts. Share videos and photo facts  
about the life of homeless, injured and needing an adjoining animals. Maybe other caring animal lovers will appreciate and financially support you in the difficult help of the unfortunate.  
Offer your ideas and suggestions to discuss and implement them. The actions of the new group of volunteers in Bishkek and the results of this activity can be seen on the YouTube site's channel “Give the Beetle the House”.  
Let everyone be WELL! 

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