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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated- Mahatma Gandhi  
The Nigeria Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals [NSPCA] was founded on 10th June 1947 as a branch of Royal Society For The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals[RSPCA].  
It became the first Overseas branch of RSPCA in the world outside the British Isles .It is one of the oldest animal organizations in Africa and the 1st animal organization in Nigeria and West Africa It runs a clinic and the only animal shelter in Nigeria and West Africa Shelter. In 1964 the word “Royal” was dropped for “Nigeria” as the society obtained its full autonomy, but retained its association with RSPCA. Further in 1965, the First National Conference that the officers of the Nigeria S.P.C.A were appointed.  
The National Headquarters of the Society at 11, Gray Street, Yaba,Lagos was opened on 13th July, 1959 by the last Colonial Governor-General in Nigeria, Sir James Robertson, GGMG.  
It will be interesting to mention here the very first personalities who were connected with with this Society. They were people from different walks of life (many of whom are now of blessed memory) and included:  
His Excellency, Sir Arthur Richards (Lord Milverton) (Patron); His Excellency Sir John Mcpherson k.c.m.g. Governor – General of Nigeria (Patron); His Grace The Most Rev. L. Gordon Vining, C.B.E., Late Archbishop of Province of West Africa (Vice Patron); Chief W.H Biney, (Vice Patron); Harold Cooper Esq, (Vice Patron); Rev Canon S. Ade Oduwole, E. Oke Daniel, Esq., (General Secretary); R.A Jaiyeola, Esq. (Asst. Gen. Secretary); T.D. Bartels, Esq., (Hon. Treasurer). Chief S.B Kuku (former President) and Member of the Board of Directors of the international Societies for the Protection of Animals (London), Alhaji S.B. Dabiri, M.B.E. (Ex – President); ( J.B.K. Oruasah, (Ex – National Secretary ); G.E Dotse (Treasurer); P.A. Ogunbanwo; Chief Inspector , ( former Chief Commissioner for Scouts) The late H.Scott who later became the 1st Director General of the World Society For The Protection of Animals[WSPA] spent 7 years in Nigeria to advance animal welfare in the country During its existence, the Society had passed through the hands of seven Presidents, namely, Mr. R.H. Bugler, an expatriate, Mr. O.A Omololu, M.B.E., Chief S.B Kuku, S.B. Dabiri, Dr. P.A Alli – Idowu and Hon. Justice Ligali Ayorinde; Chief J. Ade Adepoju. Six General Secretaries, namely, E.O Daniel, Mr. J.B.K. Oruasah, Mr. F.A Joseph, Rev. Dr. Dapo Olusope , Mr. B.O Adesigbin and M.O.F Ayodimeji.  
The Policy of the Nigeria Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal is to promote kindness and prevent cruelty to animals. This Policy is carried out by the following methods:  

a. Humane Education  

b. The Maintenance of a Corps of Inspectors  

c. Veterinary Treatment Schemes  

d. Promoting Humane Legislation in Parliament  

e. Using and advocating humane methods when animals are to be destroyed.  

f. Helping animals protection work in the Country.  

g. Assisting the spreading of knowledge on animal management and first-aid  

h. Promoting Spay & Neuter  

The law against Cruelty to Animals was enacted in section 495 of the Criminal Code Code of Nigeria. The Law makes it a crime to cruelly beat an animal, overload, torture, bait and coerce animals to engage in fighting.  
The society initiated the change of native palm frond baskets to house fowls by market women to construction of wooden/iron crates for free movement and reduce suffocation of fowls  
What is the work of the society,s inspectors giving first aid to injured animals,supervising the loading and unloading of animals and poultry at markets and sidings,patrolling of roads and canals,inspection of fairs and menageries,humane destruction of hopelessly injured or unwanted animals,giving friendly advice,cautioning and if need be[on directives from headquarters]prosecuting offenders.  

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