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“Garbage. More. No” is an interregional public organization, a network of autonomous initiative groups, which are united by common principles, technologies and mutual trust. Principles: positive, non-protestability, creative approach to solving problems, constructive solutions, non-engagement with politics, business and religion.  
The mission "Garbage.Bolshe.Net" movement is the formation in the society of a conscious attitude towards the environment and resources of the Earth.  
The goal is to develop an environmental culture through rethinking household habits and production processes (rethink), creating goods and services with a wasteless life cycle (redesign), reducing excessive consumption (reduce), reusing and sharing goods and resources (reuse), recycling waste (recycle ), carrying out environmental actions for cleaning garbage and planting trees. 
The environmental movement was born in 2004 in St. Petersburg, registered in 2010 as a regional public organization, and in 2015 as an inter-regional, now it is more than 30 initiative groups in the cities of Russia and the CIS. 

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