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Nordic Wildlife Care treats injured wild animals and is located in Norra Vallgrund, in the Raippaluoto archipelago within the municipality od Mustasaari. The privately owned area in which the center is located is over eight hectares wide, and it has both outdoor and indoor spaces designed for treating and rehabilitating the animals. The center provides other activities as well, and is a home to many different tame animals such as horses, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, chicken and rabbits. The animals are received and treated by Markku Harju.  
Vet services are provided by Vaasan kaupungin pieneläinklinikka, the veterinary services of the City of Vaasa.  
The center treats and rehabilitates injured wild animals. After first aid is provided, it is possible that longer care is needed. After recovery the animals are rehabilitated by exercising muscle functions and i.e. ability to fly, so they can be safely released to nature.  
The police, the rescue department, and the Coast Guard often find animals in need of help. They either deliver the injured animals to the center or ask us to pick them up.  
The most frequent visitors to the center are birds, as they are highly populated in the archipelago area. The white-tailed eagle, swan, crane, hawks, owls, water birds, and fowls are the ones most frequently brought to the center.  
When it comes to mammals, we are most frequently contacted about injured hedgehogs, foxes, hares, deer and moose calves.  
We accept and treat all wild animals regardless of their species. We function under Finnish legislation on animal protection, which obligates all individuals living and residing in Finland to report and help all animals in need.  
After our new facilities, such as the largest cage meant for rehabilitating birds are completed, our operation is extended to cover the entire Finland and the Swedish east coast. We will be able to receive more animals and to ensure the best possible conditions for their recovery. Any donations received through the trust are used to develop our operation, as well as enabling our daily work in treating the animals.  
Examples of our expenses:  
Maintaining existing facilities and building new ones.  
Feeding the animals. All animals are fed with nutrition typical to their species.  
Transport of animals.  
Veterinary expenses and medicine costs.  
In order to hire staff we need more support not only from private persons, but also from businesses, cities and the state.  

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