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Free! Asociación Animalista is an organization that works in defense of animals, with delegations in Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador and Chile  
Our field of action is awareness and political advocacy, trying to extend respect for animals in society and the development of laws that protect their rights.  
Our objectives are diverse and are based on the different areas in which the human being uses animals, be they recreational, cultural or economic.  
We take as a reference for our work the ethical principles that emanate from veganism, but as the suffering of each being is a reality that deserves attention, we also deal with the particular cases of the thousands of animals victims of abuse or that are abandoned in Spain. These more specific actions allow us to fight every day for the defense and recognition of beings that, unable to emit a voice that is heard or to protect themselves against the actions of man, only count on us, those who care about them, to alleviate their absolute helplessness.  
If you have any question or suggestion, you want to be a volunteer, make a donation, you are from a means of communication or you just want information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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