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  • The history of the Foundation began in 2001, when the Help to Homeless Dogs Charitable Foundation was registered in St. Petersburg.  
    In 2007, the Charity Foundation "Helping Homeless Dogs" was admitted to the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals of the United Kingdom WSPA.  
    In 2008, a shelter on Bolshoy Smolensky Ave, 9, was transferred to the Fund.  
    It is precisely because of this that the opportunity has arisen to organize in the shelter in Primorsky district the only hospice for dogs in North-West Russia.  
    Since February 2010, the autonomous non-profit organization and the Charity Fund "Helping Homeless Dogs" have been members of the National Association of Animal Care Organizations "We Are Together."  
    The founders of the Nikitina Foundation, Kira Anatolievna and Sheina, Tatyana Anatolievna, are members of the Public Council under the Government of St. Petersburg on matters relating to pets.  
    Objectives and Objectives of the Foundation  
    Expansion and development of shelter-retention, introduction into practice of new projects aimed at protecting homeless animals and humane control over their population in the city of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.  
    Expansion of cooperation with other animal protection organizations in
    Russia and abroad.  
    Preventing animal abuse.  
    Increasing the level of ethical and humane attitude to animals in society.  
    Improving and strengthening legislation to protect animals.  

    Shelters are mainly designed for dogs that need urgent help:  
    - dogs that require veterinary care;  
    - dogs with auto-injuries;  
    - dogs affected by human abuse;  
    - dogs left alone due to the death / death / illness / failure of former owners;  
    - dogs whose lives are threatened by catching and sleeping.  
    In 2009, a veterinary center “Positiv” was opened on the basis of the Bolshoi Smolensky shelter, which includes a veterinary clinic, pet grooming center, a gym for dogs, as well as a zoo. In Russia, there are no analogues to this project, since all the proceeds go to the maintenance of pet shelters.  
    Upon admission to the shelter, a personal card is filed for each dog, where data on vaccination, sterilization, reasons for admission to the shelter, data on physical condition (if the animal was sick), is marked with the date of transfer to the family.  
    All animals in the shelter are under the supervision of the shelter staff. Dogs are provided with normal food and regular walking is carried out.  
    A person who has taken a dog from us must provide contact information, passport information. Conducted patronage of former pets. There are clauses in the agreement, if not complied with, the dog may be withdrawn and returned to the shelter. 
  • At the moment, about 700 dogs and 100 cats are kept in our shelters. 
    We are always open for cooperation and always ready to accept any help from you.  

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