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SAMARA !!! A wonderful person lives in our city - Vladimir Anatolyevich, an athlete and friend of animals. He is disabled, with a foot cut off in a car accident. He hung on the waterfront bird feeders. It contains dogs and cats for its little money. You can meet him on the waterfront at the boxing ground, where on weekends he teaches children’s boxing. There are people who do not like it. They hinder him in every way, offend his animals and even shoot them. Does a person really deserve such an appeal? A very decent and positive person, which very little is left on Earth ... And now he and his dogs have been hounded. Let's help Vladimir the whole world.  
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Support is now very important!  
You can help Uncle Vova’s dogs with dry and canned food, anthelmintic drugs, flea and tick treatments. Also, Vladimir has six cats, for them canned food, wet food and dry would be very useful.  
Thanks to all supporting, caring, like-minded people! Only together we are strong! - your support is very important and felt!  

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