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ECOLOGIST OF DAGHESTAN is a non-profit charitable ecological self-governing public association of citizens whose activities are aimed at preserving biological diversity, rare species and natural objects, as well as conducting research on leopard development of measures to restore its population in the Eastern Caucasus, the protection of nature and its facilities, the resolution of environmental and related problems preservation of a favorable environmental situation, wishing to make a feasible contribution in the field of environmental protection.  
The ROO "Ecologist of Dagestan" acts on the basis of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the laws of the Russian Federation, the normative acts of the Republic of Dagestan, generally accepted norms and principles of international law and the Charter.  
Ecolog Daghestan performs the following tasks:  
- carries out environmental education of all segments of the population;  
- organization of public environmental monitoring and environmental monitoring of the environment, natural and cultural values ​​and objects, as well as public health;  
- organization of actions and other measures in the protection of the environment;  
- carries out research work on the study and protection of plants and animals, their natural habitats, restoration of disturbances in nature;  
- organizes and conducts ecological tourism;  
- conducts search and attracts financial resources, both in Russia and abroad, including charitable organizations and foundations to fulfill its statutory goals. 

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