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Poor water quality is one of the factors that have a direct impact on the health and quality of life of the Moldovan population. Environmentalists are sounding the alarm - the Raut River runs the risk of completely disappearing from the map of our country!  
There is very little water in the river due to the fact that a large number of illegal obstacles are built on it, which prevent fish spawning, the river siltation occurs. Unauthorized landfills are a serious problem for every river. And wastewater treatment plants, faulty or non-existent, entail the risk of contamination. The flow of the River Kopachanka has disappeared ... no one is alarmed. The small rivers of southern Moldova are also under threat of complete extinction ... It is time to rewrite the textbooks on geography — the south of Moldova — semi-desert.  
But not everything depends on the state. Every person can help nature. I start every morning with a walk along the river bank. I collect garbage. Sometimes the walk lasts a few hours. But more often in 30 minutes bags of heavy garbage are collected.  
Help save the river:  
It is necessary to put the containers for garbage collection in the places of the greatest concentration of resting. And timely clean them.  
It is necessary to clean the bottom of the river from debris and rotting traps for fish.  
It is necessary to put information signs asking not to block the river. 

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