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I want to live in a beautiful and clean city. Any wasteland in the city is a danger to the dumping of unauthorized garbage, and therefore for the appearance of rodents and infections. And if at this place to plant trees, bushes and flowers? Then it will be beautiful and useful.
If cars are placed under your window and their exhaust pipes are poisoning your air, plant a tree or bushes under the window. Help nature and yourself.
What good are trees? They absorb carbon dioxide and exhaust gases of cars, clean the air from dust, protect us with their shadow from excessive ultraviolet radiation.
What do I need to green the city? Seedlings of trees and shrubs, shovels, fertilizers, buckets, car for transportation of seedlings, assistants and Helpico. 
How much I need Helpico I do not know. To start a landscaping operation - 1000 Helpico.
And the trees are very beautiful!

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