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Tobolsk city animal protection organization “Dog and Cat” has been operating since 2009. We received the status of a legal entity in April 2016. The main goal is the organization and protection of animals, raising the population in a spirit of mercy towards animals, the formation of high moral principles in communication between humans and animals, and of course the reduction of homeless animals on the streets.  
Our organization exists thanks to the help of caring people!  
Our organization helps those who have found / saved a stray animal on the street and temporarily sheltered him.  
Everyone can help us!  
For our wards are always needed:  
* any dry and wet cat and dog food  
* any fillers for the toilet  
* New or used items, namely:  
bowls, trays, carriers, cages, leashes, collars, harness, toys.  
* medical preparations  
For volunteers:  
1. Take the animal for a while while we are looking for a house for it forever and in every way we help you with maintenance.  
2. Take the items to the address, feed, and also bring the cat or dog to the clinic for procedures.  
3. We constantly advertise our clients.  
4. Become the curator of our wards to know everything about them (what kind of help is needed, when castration, etc.)  
5. Become a temporary or permanent financial benefactor for the organization "Dog and Cat"  
* To help homeless animals your financial contribution can be transferred to our current account.  
* Even 10 rubles can save someone's life!  

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