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Group dedicated to the international youth movement Fridays For Future in St. Petersburg.  

Fridays for the Future is a worldwide movement that requires decisive action to prevent further global warming and climate crisis. In August 2018, Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg began a single “school strike for climate” on Fridays near the building of the Swedish parliament. Her example was followed around the world.  
Every Friday, climate activists take to the streets and declare the demands of the climate movement in Russia:  
1. Russia must ratify the Paris Agreement and declare a climate emergency.  
2. Immediately stop financing and subsidizing the extraction of fossil fuels, the burning of which contributes to climate change.  
3. At the legislative level to prohibit the production and sale of disposable plastic products.  
4. Stop uncontrolled deforestation  
5. To make a gradual transition to renewable energy.  
6. Go to the separate collection of garbage and recycling.  

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