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I'm an actor. I like to travel and explore my native land.
Very often on the way runs out of drinking water. Then I find the spring water. About where the springs are located there is information here:  Also here is information - from which springs you can drink, and from which there is no. 
But, during the project "springs of the Leningrad region" checked only the chemical composition of the water. Sanitary and microbiological control (epidemiological safety check) was not carried out because the project conditions did not allow to transfer water samples to the laboratory as quickly as it is required for such analysis. As well as the composition of the water may vary depending on the weather and time of year, human and animal intervention and purity of the area around the spring. 
I want to make a series of documented educational films about springs.
First, about the springs of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.
Further on the springs of Russia.
A video card will be made for each spring. Where is the spring, how to get there, the history of the spring, the legend of the properties of this spring. And how suitable is the spring water for drinking. The laboratory will conduct a full analysis of the mineral and bacterial composition of the water. I will tell and show and try water from all springs! 
For this I need help Helpico.

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