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The nature of the Carpathians is picturesque mountains, healing mineral waters, ancient forests and clean air.  
It concentrates a significant part of the natural reserve areas of Western Ukraine, as well as indigenous old-growth forests. In these lands, there are frequent heavy rain showers, and trees are a natural obstacle to the path of mud avalanches, holding and fastening the soil with their roots.  
Trees provide extremely important ecosystem functions: climate regulation, water purification, carbon retention, the preservation of unique biodiversity.  
The main problems of the Carpathians: violation of technology - logging - transportation along rivers and streams, non-compliance with the requirements of the law in the appointment of sanitary logging in healthy forests; garbage, poaching. 
Destruction of trees leads to waterlogging of the area, which threatens to change vegetation. Reservoirs will be overgrown with grass and mud. Cutting down leads to a decrease in ozone in the atmosphere. This will lead to poor yields, epidemics, an increase in the number of people who become ill with cancer, and the formation of ozone holes. The dimensions of the bald spots in the solid plant massifs are already visible not only from a helicopter or a drone, but even from space.  
If you destroy the ancient forests - to restore the landing will be almost impossible. Genetic material for planting development is preserved in old forests.  
I decided to help my native land on my own.  
I decided to grow spruce. In the fall, I collect fir cones. The seeds extracted from them are planted in winter in boxes. When sprouts appear, I transplant them into the garden. When the trees become stronger, I will transfer them to the place of the felled trees. I will control their growth! I will restore the Carpathians on my own!
If you start helping, we will save the Carpathians!

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