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SIMBA is a society of caring, initiative people who care about the life of homeless animals! And if you are a member of our society - you are the same "SIMBA" as we are!  
Everything that we do, we do IMMEDIATELY, OF OWN desire, from a pure heart. The state does not pay us subsidies, all activities are based on DONATIONS! We only do what we can. We take responsibility not only for our animals, but also for ALIENS!  
Our task with you is to find animals: to wash, cure parasites, take for a while or find an adequate overexposure, to castrate and sterilize adult animals without fail, if possible to instill kittens and puppies, to promote animals on various sites and in a group, to find caring for them responsible pens!  
If you find an animal, try to keep it with you until you attach it, if you do not have such an opportunity, then look for overexposure with us, and be patient.  
If you care, and you are ready to help everyone you can, then this group is for you.  

For those wishing to help financially WAYS OF FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE, Charity sale.  
Remember, STERILIZATION is a humane way to reduce the population of stray animals. Sterilize your animals that are not subject to breeding and are not of breeding value! 

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