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Saving ducks from hunger in winter in the cities
Weekend and you go to the park. At a small pond in the center of the Park benches. It's nice to sit and see the life of ducks. Mom comes with a child and take out a loaf. The ducks swim with noise and, taking pieces from each other, create a cheerful mood for the observer. After 5 minutes, the grandmother with her grandchildren comes up and ... They take out a bag of half-eaten bread and bread crust .... On the other side of the pond loving couple lazily throw chips into the water. .. The guy on the bench with the phone abruptly jumped up and shouted into the phone - Yes choke you - and thrown into a pond half-eaten sandwich. 
Those were the key words! Ducks all this can't be fed! It is advisable not to give the bird bakery products. 
But the need to feed them! Soon frosts. And the ducks will starve, freeze into the ice and die. 
How to help the ducks? It is necessary to feed with grain (oats, barley, wheat) or pearl barley, oatmeal, whole-grain crushed (corn, barley, wheat). In no case can't feed the bird semolina and rye (rye flour) in its purest form. 
Meat or fish waste should not contain large bones. Egg before feeding should be hard-boiled and chopped together with the shell. Grain for ducks can be previously boiled or steamed, but in severe frosts it is better to give it dry that the food did not have time to freeze. Whole grains can be germinated before feeding until the green sprouts 1-2 cm long appear. 
You can use leftover vegetables - the peel of potatoes, cutting the carrots and beets, white cabbage leaves... 
We should not forget about the special and important for all birds the addition of gravel or coarse river sand. You can also use marble chips or natural river sand for the aquarium. Stones help the birds to grind food in the stomach. 
Proper feeding of wild ducks in winter can provide them with real help. 
Of course, passers-by will continue to throw bread and a roll, slowly poisoning waterfowl. But they can be saved!
Put near the ponds where ducks escape frost, boxes for food suitable for ducks. Also place there information that the birds can eat and what they can't. It will be necessary to monitor the feeders, keep them clean.  
For this, I need help. Looking for Helpico. The more Helpico, the more ducks can be saved!

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