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The global network of veterinary clinics

I walked around the yard and saw a small black ball. He was sitting in a puddle of blood, shaking and wheezing. It was a kitten - his nose was bleeding. I gently took him in my arms and carried him to the "Avers" zoo hostel. I constantly work here - I care for the cats, I take them to the clinic, I attach them to families. We saved the kitty. It took examination in a veterinary clinic, surgery (there was a rupture of internal organs), rehabilitation. And then we found his family!!!

For 3 years, a new Zoo hostel for cats has been opened with a program of assistance in finding new owners for cats (placing photos of cats + announcements + consultations). All funds raised go to pay the rent and the development of Zoo hotels! We have saved many lives of cats. We exist only at the expense of good people who help us with money, food and everything necessary for cats.

The main expenses, of course, are veterinary clinic. Often the animal is thrown out of the house when it is injured or sick. And I had the idea to create around the world a network of veterinary clinics "Helpico" with free maintenance of animals. Then poor people will not throw away sick animals. 

Help Alexandra Dudnik's dream come true and the dream of many and many animals.

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