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Protection of water bodies from pollution.
Where did the idea come from?
Many times when traveling with my family to nature we had to face a problem - you come
to the lake, and there - the remains of old picnics - plastic bottles, broken glass, food and other waste.
Mood falls. Rest is spoiled. Had half a day to restore order, and then just relax.
What I want?
I want to make a rating of water bodies. Parameters - water purity (chemical composition of water),
the cleanliness of the beach (garbage). Make an ecological map of water bodies of the Leningrad region.
Where it will be seen-what pond needs urgent help, and where you can safely go to relax with the children.
My goal is to clean the water bodies from debris. This is the first.
In the second - to deal with chemical pollution of reservoirs and to create conditions for observance of purity – to put garbage tanks, toilets.
Monitor their timely cleaning.
It's expensive. I need 10 000 Helpico to the embodiment of my idea.
I don't just want to find out and show everyone where it's dirty, where it's clean.
I want my children to be sure of a clean resting place by the lake or river. And Yours too! 

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