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I am learning to shoot videos. I want to make a video about the most important environmental problem of all cities. These are exhaust gases from cars.
Man and all life on earth can not live without air. Have you ever thought - what are we breathing?
The main problems of human health from the dirty air that enters the human body. Toxic and harmful chemical compounds can cause chronic and acute diseases.
The trouble of big cities is gas pollution from exhaust pipes of cars. I want to take air samples in different parts of the city at different times of the day and analyze the samples.
Also carbon monoxide affects the composition of climatic precipitation. It is because of the operation of vehicles that acid rain, multicolored fog or dark snow is increasingly occurring. Of course, such precipitation contributes to the purification of air, but contamination thus enters the ground. After that, heavy metals and chemical compounds spread further through water bodies and plants into living organisms.
How to solve this problem in your native city and how is it solved globally? Create multi-tiered roads or underground tunnels, or make all transport electric?
To create a movie I need the help of Helpico. I need to buy a video camera, I need funds to collect and analyze air samples.
I want everyone to see my movie and make cars green.

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