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Hello! I am a member of the seal Rescue group, a project for the conservation of rare marine mammal species in St. Petersburg. The main goal is to assist the young pinnipeds. Our team consists of qualified specialists with the greatest experience in Russia in the successful rehabilitation of marine mammals. We have been working with seals, walruses and dolphins since 2002. In addition to rehabilitation, we monitor populations of the Ladoga ringed seal, the Baltic ringed seal and the gray seal throughout the entire territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.
Why do animals die? Age, illness, hunger. In the hot summer, the water in the shallowed gulf becomes very warm, the dead animals float up and throws their bodies ashore during stormy days. These are natural factors. But there are factors in which people are to blame - animals get entangled in fishing nets, pollution of the Gulf with oil products and garbage slowly and painfully kills animals. Often, after the storm and other technogenic reasons, the citizens find pinnipeds (sea calfs, seals) and we rush to help. Our group rescues the pinnipeds who are in difficult and lethal situations. We treat them, care for very young ones like infants, feed them, teach them. When there is a full recovery and rehabilitation, we release them. But we do not forget them and follow them! This is of course a huge expense. If someone can help us, we will be very, very grateful! Animals will live thanks to you! Just look in their eyes - how much pain and hope in them .....
We are always happy to communicate with experts and lovers of marine animals and will be happy to answer your questions.

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