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Save the life of the animal from human.
This is urgent.
ATTENTION!! Don't let people with weak hearts watch stories in this group. Someone did not have time to save.
Animals serve us faithfully. Man for a dog or a cat is a whole world. A man feeds him, provides a house, walks, plays ... loves. And then the animal gets sick, ages, gets injured. That's when a person learns the truth about himself-whether he is a person or not. And a dog or a cat, an animal ... can't  say anything.
Let every man look around and see who needs help. Open your eyes and your heart!
What would I do if I had a Helpico? I would take an animal from anywhere in the world, treat it. I would create a shelter for disabled animals and take children from kindergartens and schools there, so that MERCY is brought up in them from childhood. And I believe that then children who have become adults will NEVER scoff at animals and throw them.
Remember - “You are forever responsible for all those whom you tamed” (fr. “Tu deviens responsable pour toujours de se que tu as apprivoise”) is an aphorism from the non-childish fairy tale by the French pilot and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900 - 1944) “The Little Prince”, published in 1943.
I can't  send photos of animals with injuries. It is very cruel.

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