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Help for wild animals
We are an information community on the activities of the VELES Quarantine Center. We help wild animals in distress. We are for real help to the beasts, and we provide it. The Center carries out: maintenance, rehabilitation, treatment and quarantine. "Veles" is ready to receive a variety of animals, because for their maintenance and treatment the Center has everything you need. 
VELES is located in the village of Rappolovo, Vsevolozhsk District, Leningrad Region. Wild animals come to our Center for treatment and rehabilitation. Most animals get to the Center crippled through the fault of man. 
Many of these animals subsequently cannot be released back into the wild, and then we send them to shelters and charitable foundations, but there are cases when we leave these animals with us, and therefore our Center always needs charitable assistance in the form of workers and feed.
The Russian Quarantine Center "Veles" has state certification and all necessary documents to allow keeping wild animals, but unfortunately, at the moment "Veles" is not supported and not funded by our state, and EXISTS ONLY THANKS TO THE HELP OF ALL US - VOLUNTEERS!!!
We hope that with the help of Helpico Coin more people will learn about us, which means there will be more help for wild animals.

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