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Reforestation of the Crimea
Have you seen the smoker's lungs?
Do you think that you do not smoke and you are fine?
City air is like a cigarette that we all breathe. Dust, emissions, car exhaust, rotting garbage ....
I know that will save me, you and all of humanity. Plants. 
Trees, bushes, flowers and even grass are the LUNGS of the Earth. They purify the air and saturate it with oxygen. I want to restore the forest.
I want to breathe deeply and not be afraid to inhale harmful emissions and dust.
When carrying out forest planting events in Crimea, as part of the All-Russian campaign “Live, the Wood!”, The Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Crimea Gennady Narayev commented: “Forests are an important and most effective means of maintaining the natural state of the biosphere and an irreplaceable factor of cultural and social values".
During this action were planted: Crimean pine, sycamore maple, loch narrow-leaved, almond, horse chestnut, sessile oak, etc.

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