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House of birds "Sunny Eagle". Bird rescue. The City Of Sochi.
The main tasks of the center:
- Rehabilitation of birds of prey
- Help novice falconers.
- Versatile veterinary support.
- Learning the art of falconry.
- Performances with birds of prey.
- Assistance in the acquisition and maintenance of birds.
- Excursions, educational programs
If you have found a bird of prey, if it needs help, or you have long been watching the inhumane content of birds in cafes and restaurants. - Contact us!
Our team helps the birds on their own. Unfortunately, our resources are not enough for all the necessary rescue measures, so any of your help (volunteering, medicines, finance) will be a huge plus in our work. South of Russia is a land rich in birds.
We will be glad to any of your participation. Even the repost can save someone's birds life !!!
If you find a bird - contact us by writing a personal message to one of the administrators of the group.

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