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Help Center for Wildlife of Arkhangelsk (MATA-MATA)
In our center, we are constantly working to save animals! Some examples from our daily life: a marten brought down in Severodvinsk was brought to us for observation and treatment, also recently in the Center there was a new hedgehog selected at drunkards. Now he is preparing for winter hibernation, and in the summer to go live free, to the south of the region. Earlier in the shelter there was a replenishment of ducks, geese, herring gulls from our and Murmansk region, crippled female of Goshawk, tawny, magpie blind in one eye, owl and many many others!
The owl was treated and already set free in the suburbs of Arkhangelsk. Many other birds are left in the center for the winter, and it will be possible to set them free only in late spring.

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