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Rehabilitation Center "House for the White Stork".
Often storks are thrown away or fallen out of their nests, people pick up and grow them, with the onset of cold weather many of these storks do not fly away and the question arises - where will such a bird spend the winter. Many storks are injured on the power lines, as well as in collisions with moving cars. Every autumn there are young storks who, for various reasons, did not fly away to spend the winter in other countries. They all need help. In nature, storks have virtually no enemies, perhaps, only from human madness and heartlessness, they are not protected.
Our tasks:
1. Feed the chicks of storks that got to people and release them into nature;
2. Tamed storks should be left at the Rehabilitation Center, and storks capable of living in the wild should be prepared for independent living and set free;
3. Overexpose storks for the winter and release them into nature in the spring;
4. To carry out a temporary overexposure of injured birds with their subsequent transfer to a permanent place of residence in zoos and nurseries.
We will release all birds capable of living in the wild in villages in specially protected natural areas, where hunting is prohibited, on the territory of the state nature reserve of Federal significance "Remdovsky" and in the national Park "Smolensk lake district".
We will develop, we have a lot of ideas. If you want to help storks, support the activities and existence of our center of assistance to storks, be aware of the events - become friends of the Stork House on social networks -   
According to ancient belief, white stork brings happiness. It has been observed that storks live in dying villages as long as there is at least one residential house in the village. With the departure of people, storks abandon their perennial nests....

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