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Dear caring people, I need your help in saving the horse!!!
In November 2017, I bought  from on the farm a stallion named Garson Lock (born in 2016). Garson was on the list of "culling" - he could not participate in the run, as he was diagnosed with an irregular shape of the hoof. An athlete horse will not, but for the soul you can ride. Then the stallion began to grow too actively. Now Garson is not yet three years, but he is already 176 centimeters at the withers! And on both of the front legs of the stallion, contracture developed, and the further, the situation gets worse and worse. He is already walking with great difficulty. ( ). I went to the clinic, where I was told that surgery was possible. But the cost of the operation, delivery of a horse from Saratov to Moscow and back, plus the hospital stay will cost 150,000 Russian rubles. Financial report is guaranteed.
 My kids really loved of Garson! I myself became attached to him, and I can't  see how the horses are getting worse and worse. He has a chance not only to survive, but to live a full life. Garsey and I will be happy for any help!!!

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