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Animals are innocent children's souls enclosed in four-legged tailed bodies. But sometimes the share of these "eternal children" falls to the test, which would pass not every adult. And they accept this suffering with silent obedience, without losing faith in people.
We are talking about disabled animals. 
The disenfranchisement of animals in our country is one of those gaps in the legislation which does not allow us to be called a civilized society. 
Only by combining our efforts can we change the attitude of society to the problem of homeless animals. See someone's suffering, not pass by someone's pain, save someone's small and inconspicuous life, learn to realize their responsibility for those who are freezing today, dying from cold and hunger. 
You can now help those who are very in this needs:
- assistance in temporary overexposure of a pet during the search for its future owners;
 - transportation of animals to the clinic, to places of overexposure or permanent home;
 - financial assistance to the animal you like
 - advertising our site, placing our banner, links to our articles in your blogs and on your pages on social networks;
 - you can simply read about the difficult fate of our little animals and express their sympathy and support;
 - advertising animals who are looking for a house.

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