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Make a film about the ecological disaster of the Baltic Sea.
 In the Baltic Sea, dead zones are rapidly growing, where there is no oxygen and almost all species of marine fauna have disappeared.
 The main reason is the discharge of domestic, industrial and agricultural wastewater. In the summer, due to the flowering of plankton, transparency of the water approaches zero.
 But there is a more dangerous problem. By the decision of the Potsdam Conference of 1951, more than 300 thousand tons of chemical weapons were buried at the bottom of the Baltic. Recently began the leakage of toxic substances. In addition to these toxic substances, ships carrying explosives, weapons and ammunition crashed and sank at sea.
 The problems of the Baltic Sea have arisen and exist because it is the sea of nine countries. I want to show a film in these countries and the whole world. I want people to save their wealth.

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