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Bees pollinate about 94 percent of wild plant species and three-quarters of crops. Experts characterize the disappearance of bees as a “global ecological catastrophe.” According to scientists, bees may disappear as a species by 2035.
 Recently, due to the plowing of the land, the use of chemical plant protection products, the burning of dry vegetation and the grazing of animals, the living conditions of pollinating insects have deteriorated, which has led to a significant reduction in their numbers.
 To increase the yield of agricultural plants, it is necessary to ensure the preservation and increase in the number of wild pollinator bees.
 I want to help wild bees survive and increase their numbers. For the beginning I want to place the hives on trees in the forest, in an ecologically clean field, in my garden, in the Leningrad region. In the future I plan to travel and leave, where possible, the hives.
 If will disappear bees do, then together with them will disappear apples, coffee, cocoa, tomatoes, cucumbers... and honey.

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