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Fund aid "Pit Bull Heart". Chelyabinsk.
 Each of us at one time took into the house several problematic pit bulls from the street that live with us now. We didn’t stop there, our group not only deals with rescuing pit bull terriers and Staffordshire terriers, we are also ready to help the owners of these breeds with advice, are ready to come and help personally if you have problems with your pet and you are considering to attach it or put to sleep.
 Pit Bull Terrier has long been the subject of heated debate in society. We have created this foundation for those who protect pit bulls from ill-treatment and the consequences of black PR. These people belong to different professions, they live in different cities, but one thing unites them - love for the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Staffordshire Terrier and the understanding that there are no dangerous breeds!
 You can choose any kind of help - which one you like best. Any participation is important for us, because often even the most modest, but timely assistance will often help save a lives!!! 

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