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The park was established to preserve natural complexes for recreational, educational, scientific and cultural purposes. In 2014, the park was among the participants of the project “Study and recovery of the European bison in Central Russia”. It is planned to create a free population on the territory of the national park in accordance with the Strategy for the Conservation of Bison in Russia. 
 Bison cannot survive in winter without feeding. Due to the difficult financial situation, the park cannot fully provide bison with the necessary feeding.
 We launched the project “Give bison winter”.
 Project tasks:
 -Ensuring full feeding of a free-living herd of bison;
 -Full feeding of a group of bison, which are currently contained in the aviary;
 -Reducing the risk of disease and death of animals;
 -Improving their physiological state.
 -Attracting public attention to the importance of reviving the “red book” species;
 -Attracting additional financial resources for the implementation of the program. 

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