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Federal State Budgetary Institution “State Reserve "Belogorie" is:
 - The forest of Belogoriya, which received the status of a reserve in 1703 by decree of Peter I, is an oak grove. The age of some oaks reaches 300-350 years.
 - Yamskaya steppe is a benchmark of Eurasian steppe ecosystems (awarded with a diploma of the Council of Europe).
 - In the reserve section of the " Walls-Izgorya " is the habitat of the relict Cretaceous pine trees.
 - Vegetation is represented by 362 plant species, of which 35 species are rare for the area.
 The reserve "Belogorye" invites everyone who is interested in preserving the unique nature, conducting scientific research in the protected area, and environmental education of the population to cooperate.

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