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All life has the right to life! We fight for the lives of all animals. UNUSUAL ANIMALS IN THE MOST KINDLY HANDS.
 We represent only homeless animals with disabilities, sick, injured, old animals (over 5 years old), newborn puppies and kittens without a mother, prisoners of animal lulling centers (Gursky, BUKSAP, etc.). These animals do not feel inferior, they perfectly adapt to walk on three legs or navigate in space, losing their sight, not experiencing discomfort and not causing additional trouble to their owners.
They continue to live a full life, enjoy it, love it, as well as their healthy fellow animals. They do not know how to take offense at life and feel a sense of inferiority. And their physical disability even gives them some piquancy, and gives you the feeling that you have a reliable and loyal friend who needs you more than anyone.

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