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Hard work-to take care of foundlings took over the mother of Arseny of the Zadonsk Monastery, in the hope to save the animals from imminent suffering.
 Now the situation has reached a critical point, because:
 a) many animals are thrown at the monastery;
 b) some of the foundlings are infectious ill and require isolation, as well as veterinarian services;
 c) no one has canceled the instinct of procreation, therefore, many animals need timely surgical intervention (and yes, it is paid, about 1400 rubles for a cat, and 4000 rubles for a dog weighing 25 kg.);
 d) there is not enough material or physical strength to care for quadrupeds.
How to help?
 a) Physically: arrive in a small volunteer detachment in the Monastery, armed with rubber gloves and boot covers in order to clean the cat / dog rooms;
 b) Financially: through donations;
 c) Material: need food, carrying cages, syringes, disposable diapers, medications, as well as provide overexposure;
 d) Informational: with the help of reposts, likes, word of mouth and other methods of public relations.

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