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"VITA" - Russian public organization that opposes animal abuse, fighting for animal rights.
 The activities of the Center include:
 1. exploitation and killing of animals for the sake of meat (70 billion animals per year),
 2. scientific data (in experiments more than 150 million per year perish)
 3. getting fur and leather - (more than 100 million animals per year),
 4. cruel entertainment (hunting - more than 600 million animals per year),
 5. fishing, bullfighting, battles, circuses, zoos, horse riding, photo business, etc.
 "VITA" implements humane programs for solving the problem of homeless animals.
 Promotion of the ideas of ethical treatment of animals is carried out through the holding of actions, rallies, street processions, exhibitions, competitions, festivals, concerts and public demonstrations.
 We conduct investigations, sociological surveys, legal advice, inspections of animal welfare conditions.  
 "VITA" actively supports the programs on humanization of the education system, creating and introducing new disciplines, courses, aids, which form students' compassionate attitude towards all living beings on the planet.

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